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When i was a kid (about 4-5) i was in foster care with my two sisters. and we watched xena dutifully because at the time lucy lawless greatly resembled our mom and we liked to watch the show and pretend it was really our mom and she wasnt gone but she was just off shooting the t.v show. this past year i discovered all the seasons on netflix and i have re-watched it twice going on three currently. and watching it with mature eyes i can fully see the beauty this show has. its everything in one, action, comedy, romance you name it. and the character developments is one to be admired. upon first re-watching the show i was a big xena fan (due to my past experience with the show) but as the show went on i fell more in love with Gabrielles character and how she progresses through the show. so i am now a full Gabrielle fan to heart. and while i'm ALL for Gabrielle and xenas relationship (not that i wouldnt like gabrielle to myself, lol heeey!) but i was also soo disappointed that nothing more came of xena and ares, i was practically melting when ares was begging xena to be with him during the downfall of the olympians. im here to indulge in new friends who also enjoy xena and am excited to discover new things! :)
Portland Oregon
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